Why Students Should Earn an Online Marketing Degree

The advertisements you see, the billboards you drive by and the commercials that flash across your television screen all have one thing in common- they have been developed and implemented by marketing professionals, many of whom pursued an online marketing degree, in order to sell you, the consumer, a product or service.

Marketing professionals are tasked with determining what a consumer wants or needs and translating this want or need into quality “products and services and selling them locally, nationally, and globally.” Marketing is both an art and a science as marketing professionals are required to be creative in the way they construct and develop products while utilizing analytical skills and sales expertise to sell these products and create a loyal customer following.

Earning an online marketing degree gives students or working professionals the opportunity to earn their first degree or an advanced degree while maintaining their current job or schedule. And, as marketing and advertising professionals turn increasingly to digital and Web-based platforms in order to get their messages across, online marketing students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the newest technology innovations while earning the degree that will distinguish them in the workplace. What better way to gain the Web and digital experience you need for the 21st century marketing profession than through an online degree program?

Job prospects are extremely favorable for students who earn an online marketing degree. In fact, online marketing graduates will enjoy a 12-14% job growth rate from 2008 to 2018; well above the average 8.2% job growth rate for all civilian jobs. Additionally, the marketing field offers its employees lucrative starting salaries and the ability to earn more as experience grows. In 2009, marketing majors who graduated with their college degree earned a starting salary of $43,325. Median annual wages for marketing professionals in 2008 were a competitive $97,260.

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